Oil and Gas Consulting

Heureka is a holistic capable and secure fossil fuel brand partner equipped to provide the needs of any and all clients. The Oil & Gas Industry remains a dynamic market and continues to need experienced and strategic players who deliver on their promise. Heureka TCSL Limited is an Oil & Gas company with the requisite partnerships and knowhow to deliver on your energy wants, infrastructural needs inclusive of planning and Trainings. We are further available to render our most professional of skillful negotiations and advisory for bid round opportunities in the closure of asset acquisitions as Oil Bloc, Marginal Fields, Coal Mines and equipment leasing and acquisitions. Even if it's your hardware or software needs for the Oil & Gas Industry, do consider giving us that all important partnership call for satisfactory service delivery and growth anytime.

Renewable Energy Consulting

Heureka Trading And Consulting SL Limited (HeurekaTCSL) is the go to stable for all your renewable energy designs, projects, (STEM) trainings and audits.

Our research and development work in this field has seen our inhouse team conceptualise the 9Jabolt Solar-electric car from scratch with experimental advances in focus. The 9Jabolt Solar-electric is soon to enter the building stage and due to race at the upcoming World Solar Challenge (@WorldSolarChlg) in Adelaide, Australia in October 2020. We will be wearing the all green colours of the SolarEagles National Team on the world stage.

Our culture as a company is to push the boundaries of ideation, design, avant-garde engineering and technological knowhow. We are the go to company to deliver your renewable and green energy needs. Our other specialties given our international partnerships to deliver unique solutions to clients include Waste-to-Biofuel, Algea-to-Biofuels and more.

Aerospace Consulting

As an African company with a vision to bring our best foot forward in the Aeronautical and Space technology advancement value chain, we are poised once again to bring nothing short of unique expertise forward. Our affiliations with the Mars One Mission and Bas Lansdorp's vision for Mars, as also NASA, BAE Systems and Space X trained engineers gives us a rare edge to service the hightech industry needs in Africa. The quest to dominate the space for research purposes, to launch the next era of cheaper internet networks and infrastructure to power Africa's rise is here already. In the next two decades Africa will grow into a Multibillion dollar aerospace industry and technological haven. Heureka is already filling that gap long before we get there...

Precious Mineral & Stone Services

(Gold & Diamond), Jewellery/Industrial Mineral Investment Opportunities.

Heureka TCSL is a reputed and excellent partner to handle all your needs to strategically plan and acquire Gold and Diamonds at the most remarkable profitable margins based on investments of either $1M to earn you over $1.55Million in profits and/or $5M with the 5 times the above margin of profits. Heureka ensures you enjoy these profit margins while still having your initial $1M and/or $5M original investment funds intact for refunding to you or to reinvest. The choice ultimately is yours to make!

Heureka is a licensed/documented International Marketing Channel Partner of AGE International with offices in Sierra Leone, South Africa and Hong Kong. We provide exclusive bespoke Diamond and Gold investment opportunities for our clients with a sustainably profitable outlook for the initial funds put in. Our focus is centred on customer satisfaction at all times as well as investment advisory to secure your profits and very investment long-term.

Out relationships across the Precious stone(s) and metal value chain internationally means we have a grand footprint in the Jewellery Industry as a brand extension of our services to service you. We sell and can place orders for nothing short of the most unimaginably exotic pieces to fit your ever dapper looks and breathtaking feminine needs. We also can equally provide platinum, emeralds, rubies, amethyst, rod light stones amongst other gems to clients. Our footprint across several mines in Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other African countries means our reach is far beyond our grasp as a tested and trust partner in this specialised Industry. We operate in these countries under verifiable licenses and deliver our services with the highest scrutiny and attention to detail.

On the industrial mineral front our services are readily available to meet client needs anywhere in the world.

Entreprenuership Training

HeurekaTCSL knows that entrepreneuship drives the soul of any advanced and advancing economy worth its chase for the youth competitiveness. Our firm organised skills acquisition workshops to empower techie minds with new and innovative skillsets to ensure they can become ideators, design geeks, inventors, theoretical engineering of capacity, makers, sciartists and rare innovators as well as sustainable employers of labour in the long run. Our training bootcamps are the environment to learn and experience the light bulb come on in your energy engulfed mind's eye. Be on the look out for what's new in the DIY of technology possibilities as we launch our next training gig.

Technology Development and Consulting

Whenever you are developing a new technology concept or design, HeurekaTCSL has a capable team vast in design thinking and prototyping. Our industrial design engineers inhouse and creative team are poised to sit with your company and therefore give your conceptualisation a wave of new innovative thinking guidelines and output. We bring alive your thoughts for the consumer market in the most exciting ways.

Energy Brokerage Services

We offer Brokerage Consultancy for some of the most demanding hitech projects out there. Ensuring we can attract finance and new partnerships as maybe required by our customers.