Executive Team

Ebisike Ebube George

Managing Director

Ebisike Ebube George was born 21st, July eight years after the moon landings by Apollo 11 mission. He has been an outer space crusader, educator and evangelist from his youth. He studied Civil Engineering at the Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT), Enugu, Nigeria. He is a researcher, scientist, social activist, speaker, public policy analyst, budding documentary filmmaker, writer, conservationist, consultant aspiring astronaut and soon to be published author.

In a letter dated 1st April 2016 to Dr. Ogbonnaya-Onu, the current Nigeria Federal Minister of Science & Technology (FMST) and Director General Prof. Mohammed Onielo of NASRDA (Nigeria's Space Agency) he officially requested to be (state) sponsored to enter astronaut training in any of the global agencies as NASA, ROSCOSMOS, CNSA or JAXA.‚Äč

This is especially in the light of the President Mohammadu Buhari administration's declaration that it will put an astronaut in space by 2030. Ebube is likely the first Nigeria youth to request this as he also entered for Mars One astronaut training. Ebube invited the recent past NASA administrator during the President Obama administration - Charlie Bolden to participate in the continent's first #SpaceUp Unconference - #SpaceUpAfrica & Green Roundtable, Abuja. He is a member of the Science Ambassadors Foundation (SAF), Solar Power Advocacy Network based in the US and is working with his team and Nigeria institutions to set up the West Africa Solar car Federation (WAScF) to interface with the International Solar car Federation. In 2015 Ebube as Creative Director & Captain headed Team Nigeria WSC to design of the 9Jabolt solar car and he working to raise funding for its building as it is scheduled to compete at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Adelaide, Australia in Oct. 2019.

Ebube has been exploring the ever challenging waste sector and working to build a waste-to- biodiesel and carbon black TRD refinery in Lagos and Enugu, and he is in advanced discussions with the state governments. He represents the waste plant OEM based in Canada - SLC Canada and its marketing arm Sequence Bioenergy Consulting, with headquarters in Alberta. Ebube has also worked extensively as a journalist in Nigeria, covering the militancy in the Niger Delta whilst at the National Mirror newspaper, based in Lagos. He worked closely as a Consultant and Media Specialist/Scientist to the UNDP & Niger Delta Biodiversity Conservation study project 2016 which focused on the conservation of forests, effects of climate change, mitigating fossil fuel impact on natural habitats and surrounding environments to protect endangered and depleted species such as Nigeria's endemic "Sclater Guenon" monkeys, birds as also the "West African Dwarf Crocodile" amongst other rare wildlife. One of Ebube's articles on aerospace, military and space development was favorited and used in space news by Somraj Basumatary @AstroSomraj, a NASA astronaut on Expedition -42/43 & 16, while he was on a mission on the International Space Station.

Ebube also is an avid supporter of the Vatican Observatory and particularly represents and promotes the Mars One Project cofounded by Bas Lansdorp in Nigeria and Africa. Bas and Ebube have developed a steadily growing working relationship and friendship. Ebube and the Africa Union Economic, Cultural and Social organization (AU-ECOSOCC) have struck a partnership to host the first in the series of the one-day "Space Entrepreneurship Masterclass" -SEMc with Bas as the special guest speaker in Q3, 2018.

Ebube plans to have Elon Musk as special guest on the second series of SEMc in 2019. Ebube was lead consultant at Heureka Ent. Ltd and now is Senior Analyst at Smart Alliance Consultant based in Abuja. He has managed the media advisory & relations of the likes of Ngo Okafor formerly of the Bobcats in the NBA as well as Ngoli Okafor, the Computer Scientist, turned Super Model, Golden Glove Boxing Champ, Actor and Fitness Specialist. He holds a position on the side as acting Executive Secretary of the Information Marketing & Management Institute (IMMI), Abuja which covers the kaleidoscopic field and R&D in information technology, IoT, Renewable cars, Robotics, Machine Learning, hardware and software development and borders on ICT, ICT4D and Energy. In 2015 he was nominated as executive director of the Nigeria nonprofit- "Foundation for Ethnic and Religious Tolerance" (FERET) which played an early important role in shaping the diplomacy, conflict resolution and recommendations to late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua that led to the Presidential Amnesty for Militants program takeoff in the Niger Delta. Ebube was officially selected and advised to officially apply for individual membership at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, UK; Chatham House in July 2015. His activism to eradicate weapons and ordinances opened him up to associations with Mines Advisory Group (MAG). He has been a firm critique and voice in the quest for the decolonization of Western Sahara by Morocco being mediated by the Africa Union.

In 2015 he met with the occupied territory's Prime Minister- Abdel Kader Taleb Omar, where their brief discussion bordered on efforts to deescalate the armed struggle of the POLISARIO Front against its aggressors in the northern Africa region as well as acquiring its sovereignty at the least cost to life and the environment. Images are on the internet. In the light of the above and as an arms development, security and antiterrorism researcher on the other hand, he was nominated to attend a special roundtable for researchers, on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) organised by Small Arms Survey (SAS) Geneva, Switzerland in conjunction with the Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM) Abuja. The project was focused on mapping and mopping up SALW and Craft weapons in Nigeria. Ebube has been in constant touch with academia such as the China-Africa Conference at Johns Hopkins University and University of Manchester. Ebube's craving to contribute to education has led him to offer recruitment services for students into foreign universities.

In April 2016 Ebube delivered a paper on "Energy Challenges in the Mining Industry" at the Enugu Investment Summit. He regularly delivers guest expert analysis on an array of technology and economic subject matters on prime time television and radio. He is currently studying on the MIT Open Courseware platform. He is a crusader for Africa's youth to engage more actively in the political-economic space, thereby leading to it likely producing visionary leaders in the near future. He is working assiduously to attract funds and grants to grow Africa's and particularly Nigeria's citizen science community, technology clusters and establish state-of-the-art research and development hubs and partnerships across the continent. He seeks to be a guest on Fareed Zakaria's GPS and also Christina Amanpour's CNN program to discuss his book in writing with working title "Terrortory" and Africa's terrorism, energy, climate change challenges and need for a tech leap, human capacity and space development. More about Ebisike Ebube George can be obtained by googling and viewing images, his articles and research path on the web.